Rich text input with image in Repeating Group

Hi Guys,

I am creating a Guide/Blog website, where user can make there own case studies and upload it.
I have added the following fields to capture the data

  • Title
  • Short Description
  • Body
  • Steps, its like information to the user (Question + Answer) - I have used repeating group for this.

The above first three are working fine. But I am getting the issue with the steps (multiple steps).
Question field - I have used Multi Input Field
Answer filed - I have used Rich Text Input field…
Where user can answer with the text as well as image and other form.

If the user have some text and image, the image is not getting properly aligned and getting crop once the blog is live.

Sharing you the link of one of the blog which I have made recently -

The image is getting cut on the desktop.

Mobile image

The post article page - I have added the repeating group for the steps which capture the data from the database and it display.

Its not getting looking good on the mobile too. Plus if the step have images it taking time to load the step.

The issue is with resolution, rich text input should automatically resize the image but its not happening.

Can any one please let me know on this.

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