Rich Text & Tab Order

I have an input form with a repeating group for which the tab order works perfectly for regular inputs, dropdowns, and multi-line input fields. However, when I try to insert a rich text input into the same repeating group, it is always skipped over in the tab order. Unless of course, I’ve clicked on the rich text input and then the tab order skips the rest of the regular inputs and goes to the next rich text input. I’m using the free Rich Text Editor plug in.

I’ve read extensively on the forum and understand that tab order is not something that is currently able to be independently set like it can be in access programming and I also understand that it is something that bubble is actively working on. I’ve read about a couple of work around solutions, but honestly, I know nothing about jquery. Despite that fact, I’m going to attempt to follow the instructions for the work around.

In the mean time, I am wondering if anyone knows why a rich text input would behave differently than a regular input or if one of the paid rich text editors would work “correctly”?

Thank you!

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Geez. 3 years on and this is not fixed yet?

Any workaround for this? Grouping a textfield & a rich text editor together doesn’t work.