RichTextInput values

Hi there,

I’m having trouble with the RichTextInput. Basically, I want the values that were put into the RichTextInput by a user to be there when another user logs in. This second user should be able to add values to the ones that were put there by user 1.

Any ideas?

Hi @mrmiagi,

Both users should have access to the same record in order to see the same text. For example, say you have a data type called “Company” with a text field called “Description.”

User 1 can edit the Company’s Description by typing in the rich text editor. When a button is clicked > Make a change to the company: Description = rich text’s value.

Set the initial content of the rich text input to Company’s Description. That way, when page is loaded, it will pre-load with whatever was saved to that field for that company record.

User 2 comes in and will see the already saved value and can continue writing and save an updated text.


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That does the trick, thank you Gaby!
Also thank you for the tutorials, they have been very helpful.

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One last thing: so all users see the same content now. Trouble is the content of the text editor appears in every text editor. In other words, the one Description applies to every company, not just the one it was meant to be for.

Any ideas?

When you set the initial content, your expression should identify the right company based on who the user is. It might be easier to put the rich text input in a group. For example:

Group’s type = Company
Group source = Current User’s Company

Rich Text Input’s initial content = Parent group’s company’s description

So, each user’s group source would be a different company which would in turn show a different description. But users from the same company would see the same description.

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