Right way to use the "page loaded (entire)" condition

Hi there! :slight_smile: OK, after building a bunch of projects, I have a super stupid question

When using “Do when page is loaded (entire)”, what’s the right condition of the following 2?

  1. Just leaving Page is loaded (entire).
  2. Adding a real condition: Page is loaded (entire) is “yes”.

Both options are accepted on the editor, so just curious to see if both of them are right or if using the first one could lead to some performance issues. I know it’s super stupid, but I’m probably having some issue with one of these workflows and I’m just trying to discard any stupid logic issues :smiley:

Thanks a lot!

Not stupid at all! It’s one of the things in Bubble that are not apparent until you’re told about it or test it for yourself.

Both alternatives will give the same results. Bubble will assume you mean is yes when you just provide the condition without the boolean.

Theoretically, the the first may be quicker, as the condition is shorter. In real life, I doubt the difference is even slightly noticeable.


That makes sense, @petter! Thanks a lot for clarifying!

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