Risk analysis of new Bubble freelancers?

Hello Bubblers

In the past few months, we have seen many new proposals/posts from new /enterprising Bubble freelancers.

However, there is a challenge.

How do we assess who is authentic, specially those who post for the first time?

I was wondering whether we should consider implementing a KYC (Know Your Customer) type risk management tool/initial screening from a Bubble offering perspective?

The goal would be to sense check the credentials upfront from a risk management perspective.

This will ensure that we only allow authentic service providers in the Bubble ecosystem.

By initial screening, I mean they would be asked to submit atleast a website, a working or existing portfolio and a way to chat or talk to them via contact number, email etc?

Do you think this type of initial screening maybe useful to the community?



Are you referring to screening users wishing to be a part of the Bubble Forum? If so, I’d say that’s an all around bad idea since it is such an invaluable resource for those with zero experience. Maybe I misunderstood your meaning, though.

However, it does seem like an opportunity for the motivated Bubbler to create a community around an authentic list of Bubble/codeless service providers. If the goal is to have only a curated list of service providers respond to freelance posts, perhaps a Bubble-made forum in which only approved users may sign up as service providers?

That’s not what I got out of his suggestion. I for one am tired of all the scam offers of freelance work in this forum. It’s gotten completely out of hand. I think it would be a great idea to have some sort of minimum requirements for anyone offering freelance services in this forum.

Isn’t that the purpose of being a Certified Bubble Partner?

As a tip, I recommend submitting requests for proposals page. Any posts there are automatically syndicated to companies/users with Agency accounts on Bubble who opt in. (For what it’s worth, I feel serious Bubble developers would utilize agency accounts. However, this may preclude some smaller projects and freelancers who are dabbling).

My suggestion: If there is a general consensus, I think we may suggest that moderators A) lock those threads for comments (which still allows for direct messages to the creator) and B) redirect them to submit to the RFP page.

When it comes to not-so-good Bubble freelancers, there are usually a few giveaways.

  • If their only forum posts are prospecting - and no meaningful contributions to the community, likely not worth hiring. (Tip: look at their post history and activity for contributions that convey their knowledge).
  • If they cannot readily produce work examples. Specifically, the examples should be Bubble examples (not bait and switch). (Tip: ask for work samples up front and don’t trust website testimonials at face value. It’s OK if they share personal portfolio pieces, but try and dig into what they’ve produced for customers/clients).
  • They look to sell without demonstrating any real value. (Tip: a solid freelancer/agency will do a bit of work to win your business. (Ie. provide a proper scope of work)).
  • You pay for what you get: rates for Bubble developers vary widely - and for good reason. (Keep in mind: a skilled/resourceful developer at $100/hr can likely complete work at a higher quality and 2x the speed of another developer listing at a $65/hr. So keep total to complete in mind, not just an hourly rate.

I don’t feel that these are specific to Bubble. Rather, hiring freelancers/agencies in general.


Bubble Certified Partner program has been depricated

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That makes sense. Lots of auto-response garbage out there.

As @dan1 pointed out, though, limiting it only to Agency accounts would cut out those who are just dabbling, but are nonetheless legitimate. Not everyone in need of a freelancer needs an agency.

I think maybe a decent middle ground would be to include the RFP link in a pre-submission message when creating a topic in “freelance”, much like the “bugs” topic does when explaining the process for submitting bug reports. Something like "Looking for verified Bubble Agencies with proven track records to work with? Try submitting your request to [directly to agencies] (bubble.is/rfp).

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Thanks Levon - I guess I haven’t been paying attention.:thinking: Seems like something should done for QA purposes.

Perhaps check out the ratings here: codeless.pro -> lot’s of bubble developers there

I think Bubble is a programing tool. It is up to the user to practice diligence in hiring. At the end of the day even if you go on freelancer.com problems to arise. If you d not know how to manage a product hire someone who does. The lower the amount of money you pay it is likely that there are limitations to that service. Even if the partner is certified, a product may be not delivered in the best form. At the end of the day this is something that should be handled by the user.

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I have had ‘Bubble Job Board’ on the ideas list for some time now. Unfortunately as I am far from an expert myself I have been inclined to shy away.

If there are any more experienced bubblers who are near expert level that would like to discuss collaborating on Bubble Job Board then holla at me.


  • Fee held in escrow
  • Bubble specific areas of expertise (database, design, API’s etc.)
  • Feedback pages for freelancers.

To add to this, I am building Job Boards for two very different markets and come from a Recruitment background so can offer expertise in this regard.


I think such a tool will really helpful genuine freelancers, who can deliver quality work. I am open to collaborating on this front in any way possible.