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Happy New Year and happy new workflows!

I hope you enjoyed your holidays and I hope you have started working on your 2017 goals! If having more successful online projects is one of your goals for the new year, we are here to assist you.

We are really happy seeing the new Bubble Template Store launched, and for this reason, we have made also a step forward to be closer to you.

Starting today, I introduce you to our Bubble portfolio templates, aimed to save you time and money!

“Freelancer Marketplace” template
What is “Freelancer Marketplace” all about?
“Freelancer Marketplace” is a marketplace template for freelancing. Business people may create projects and freelancers may apply to them. A “ready to go” website template for your project.

“Adminy Dashboard” template
Create admin interfaces faster than Elon Musk’s rockets! :rocket:

Your new Bubble app need an admin interface (dashboard), and Adminy template offers you the features and a great design to start with. It saves you at least 2 WEEKS of development time!

And yes, we have a few questions that we often receive. Please find the answers above.

Can you assist me before purchase?
We are here to help. If you are unclear about the features of the template or you are not sure how it works, please contact us at support[at]templateking.net

Do you offer after purchase support?
Definitely! We offer a 24/7 email support for all template post-purchase questions.

Who are you?
TemplateKing.net is a team of software developers, designers, and business people. We create online businesses and help others build their own.

How can I get in touch with you?
You can contact us anytime at support[at]templateking.net

We are glad to hear your thoughts! You are THE KING! Happy new workflows!

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Hi @constantingaspar

I have started with " Freelancer Marketplace " template, I am struck up with admin access,
Can you please let me know , how to signup as Admin …?


Hi ,

These both templates are missing from Templates section, wonder why…?

Hi Arjun. We are currently making some changes in our company and our Stripe account is on hold so for that reason we have unpublished the templates for now :slight_smile: I hope this answers your question

Hi @arjun.r. Please write me a private message and i will guide you through


I don’t find these templates, the links redirect to either bubble’s templates page, where there’s no trace of them, or to a japanese manga website… is it me or is it the links? where can I find a preview of those templates? I am looking for a marketplace



Hi there!

Maybe you can find some of the templates you are interested in on our no code platform:

Here’s the link to Adminy for example: