Roclub - Full-time Senior Dev opportunity on already live Health-Tech app

Hi there,

We’re looking for a full-time dev wizard to join our team at Roclub.

We build, are running and expanding an app that allows radiographers to remotely control scanners (MRI,CT…). This solves the lack of high quality trained radiographers as they don’t need to be on-site anymore, and can do multiple sessions at the same time. Already used in multiple hospitals in Germany and expanding every day.

The app includes complex scheduling and running the sessions. Also currently developing a marketplace to source external radiographers when internal staff isn’t sufficient. This requires advanced matching based on several criteria + availabilities. Combine this with Bubble’s not so great version control and you have a pretty good challenge.

Up for this challenge?

Feel free to contact me via DM or directly via the email in the attached PDF.

Hope to speak you soon`


Please check PM