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We offer cheap domains for .com .net and any other check out our website now

Web Hosting (With CPanel)

There are a few things that make us different from other hosting companies. We have top of the grade hardware with 24/7 Support . We care about you and what you buying we make sure you’re getting the best experience you can get. We offer cheap and affordable hosting with 99.99% Uptime

VPS Hosting (Free FiveM server setup with purchase)

Our VPS Hosting is one of the best. We have to quality hardware for cheap and affordable prices. Our 24/7 Support Team that will answer all you’re questions and take care of you with respect. We also offer free FiveM Server Setup and Support with purchase of any of our VPS Plans.


**Cheap VM**

1 Vcore
2GB Ram
10GB Diskspace
Price $5.00

**VM 1**              

1 Vcores
1GB Ram.
50gb Disk Space
1TB Traffic. .
Price $8.00

VM 2
2 Vcores
3GB Ram
60GB Disk Space
2TB Traffic.
Price $16.15

VM 3.
3 Vcores
6GB Ram
120GB Disk Space
3TB Traffic.
Price $23.00

 **VM 4**

4 Vcores
8GB Ram
500GB Disk Space
4TB Traffic
Price $35.00

Website Link Once you have paid or before you pay please open a ticket. in our discord :

Free Five M Server Setup
With any VPS Purchase We offer free basic Five m server setup for any five m server.

Custom VPS
If you would like a VPS with custom specs please open a ticket.


Rogue Solutions


Are you tired of looking for a CAD/MDT and all you find are competing servers all with the same products?

We have fast and reliable customer assistance.
24/7 support for all questions and all needs
We offer a new set of products for those looking for newer and better cads for role play communities.
You are no longer restricted to a specific amount of departments with our cads.
Our products have a new design that are completely user friendly.
We offer a one stop shop for all roleplay needs.


20 different Bubble applications including cads and web applications for role play needs.
VM and VPS at unbeatable prices for the specs you get.
Logos and designs.
Car Models and Skins
Discord Bots
Voip Hosting
Team Speak Hosting
Custom builds it requested.

Served to Servers such as
-SACJ Member count 900+
-SARP Member Count 700+
-GMOD PRO Member count 700+
-DOJ Roblox Member count 500+

We are holding 800 members now. Come join the party!!!

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