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Role play cad for gta

Hello i need a cad for my server is there any one nice enough to help me with one?

Hello, @scorpion3375yes.
My name is Leeland and I am a CAD/MDT developer. I am here to help you! Are you looking for a Multi community CAD or just a single community? Also, are you looking for it backend or frontend? With that being said, I can help you. I’ll just need a little more information! Thanks for reaching out to the bubble forums!

Best of luck to you
~ Yours truly.
~ Leeland.

Its for a single comunity. With diff.erent department like civilian,police.ems/fire and dispatch.

Hello again!
I am sure you could find one in one so called “Business” there all over the places. They sell CADS to people for there community, is it FiveM, or console?

Its for console

Right. I know finding a system that is compatible for mobile and computer is going to be different. I am building a system for FiveM / console roleplay soon! I am hoping to have it done soon. Though, it’s multi community.

~ Best of luck to you!
~ Leeland.

To be honest i woulnd mind multi community as long it works

Here at soaring designs we have a ton of cads.

Hello @scorpion3375yes.
Sorry for the late response. I am in the mists of making one. I’d be more than happy if you’d like to beta test it when I get it to them stages.

Sure i would be more than happy