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Roster Style View Suggestions to Improve Speed

Hi all,

First time poster, so thanks firstly thanks to all the contributors in the forums as I have used a lot of previous posts to help me to date!

I am looking at creating a roster type view which shows team members vertically and date horizontally. I think I should be able to do it in a repeating group and am testing this at the moment before spending too much time on the format/layout. The principal works however the loading speed is very slow. I am after any suggestions on how I may be able to improve this and/or alternate ways to get a roster style layout for events.

See printscreen below as example:

This shows count of events based on a search for events that fall on the specified date (is set as by a state). I had to merge 3 searches so that I could get events that start on the date, finish on the date or start before and finish after the date. I assume this is why it takes a while to load? Any suggestions to find events that fall on the specified date without having to do the 3 filtered searches?

Here is an example of one of the searches: