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Rotation angle feature has been modified


All of a sudden the rotation angle show the full square size of the angle when using border. The original width increased by the same length of the angle.

Easy to verify, just create a text, show the border around it add an angle and you will see that the original width has changed when click on preview. It has never been like that.

This is a bug.

Could you have a look? something has changed since yesterday.


I also realized some mayor difference! I did not change anything but my app behaved differently in some parts all of a sudden (e.g. I used “scrolll to Pop Up XYZ” before showing a popup to adjust the scrolling position which worked very well. Now the screen scrolls to the wrong position to a place where the popup is not located at all) after removing the scroll to function it shows the popup at least on the screen.

Apparently the bubble team changed some things in the last 1-2 days??

We upgraded our jQuery library, which could introduce stuff like this (but had to do it for performance and maintainability in the long run). Can you share a screenshot?

shot from the Editor;

shot in preview;

Before it was showing a nice rectangle like from the editor shows.

can this be fixed?

I don’t see that in my testing, can you file a bug report? We’ll probably need more info then.

ok but where do you fill out a bug report? I thought this was the forum for it.(sorry I never filled one out)

curious, when you create a text with a line around it and apply an angle, what do you get in preview?


Just received a notification that this has been fixed but the problem remains when rotating a text with a border .

would you mind to check again?

Thank you