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Round down to day is set at 8:00AM and not 12AM, help!

I normally don’t ask for help, but normally give help.
For this case, I need help.

I’m working on a backend workflow that handles timezone conversion based on a timezone sent through a webhook.
I manipulate the date received and tried to “:round down” to day to reset it to 12AM and added a “change hours” to x or “add hours” on the date for it to reflect a correct time, but for some reason, even after rounding it down to “day”, the base time reflects as 8:00AM and not 12:00; which means any date manipulation/addition I do here adds hours based on 8AM, not 12AM

The same workflow on a static / non-backend worfklow scenario works exactly as expected.

Can I ask what behavior I missed as to why this is happening?

Use change hours to 0 change minutes to 0 and seconds to 0. If it doesn’t work you can use a plugin for finding current user timezone and then add hours (i-e +5 hours if user is in Pakistan with timezone of UTC+05:00) after round down to 0.