Rounding not working

How do I round these very small percentages
Have tried rounding to 1, 100, 0.01, 0.0001, still stays long.

desired data: rounded to #
items: number: rounded to 4

your rounding up to the number of decimals

ceiling will round up to an integer (number with no decimals)

give the free Complex Calculator a try using the Round(some number calc here)

ive only ever used “instant calculator”. thanks for another option.

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i dont understand sorry., is this what you’re saying?


do “rounded to 5”

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why do you need to times your journals by 100?

google told me thats how I work out a percentage

the inspector is saying one thing that doesnt match up so I dont know whats going on.

the rounded to: 100 is correct and thats the final thing bubble is doing but its saying 0.01

oh ok.

yes. (the portion of the total) / (the total)*100 will give you a number that is a %.

then format the text so it shows a % on the back of it.

i struggled with that too when i was newer.

2 different data types. one is text and one is a number. so i think you need to convert the text to number or convert you number to a text. hard to tell from here.

I understand, but rounding to 5 gives 0.01 when it should be 100% (inspect also says it should be 100%, any clue why its displaying like that?)
And on my other one with an insanely small percentage, its still showing the same very large number as before.

what are the 2 numbers right now?


100/100 = 1
1*100 = 100%

10/100 = .1
.1*100 = 10%

so unless the first and second number are the same you wont get 100%

but 1 divided by 1 x 100 is 100, why wouldnt it be giving me 100?

its probobly because of how your ( ) are.

it needs to look like this

((search for dream jurnals:count/ current users dreams: count) * 100) rounded to 5

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with how your pemdos is right now your doing

1 / the result of (1*100)rounded to 5)

because thats the order of operations

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oh my gawd yea that was the problem the whole time, i really need to get my head around those things. Thankyou so much for helping me I love you!

lol your welcome. im a year into creating a giant app with a lot of math in it so im very proficient at it at the moment.

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