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Rubber band effect at the end of a page (BDK Native)

Anyone know why my BDK NATIVE app has no rubber band effect at the top and bottom of a page scroll? Ie. When you scroll to the top of the page or the bottom, it’s met with a “brick wall” type of abrupt stop, rather than the typical rubber band effect you get on browsers. It is working properly when I view the app in Safari. It’s just in my BDK Native App that the effect is not working. Did I accidentally turn something off?

TIA. :fist_right:t3::boom::fist_left:t4:

So I see that the removal of the rubber-band effect was a feature that was implemented in BDK Native’s update (v1.7)… @gaurav - is there a way to get this back? It seems that every major app I have seen all have the rubber-band effect.


Is anyone able to assist with this?