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Run a workflow when a visible element is hidden?

Is it possible to get a workflow to run when an element that was visible, is hidden?

Basically I have a form that can be filled. If people navigate away from it, the element will become hidden (it’s a single page app). When it’s hidden, I would like to trigger delete a thing.



Use a ‘when condition is true’ workflow action, and run it when the element isn’t visible.

I wondered that - but I can’t seem to get the workflow to run when the element goes from visable to hidden?

What do you mean you can’t get the workflow to run?

The workflow itself isn’t running? Or the actions aren’t triggering?

Or you don’t know how to do it?

Have you run it through the debugger to see what’s going wrong?

Without knowing what you’re doing I can’t say what you’re doing wrong, so feel free to share some more info/screenshots etc. if you want some more help.