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I am trying to create a points system that rewards groups for hitting certain milestones. For instance the following users in a group have completed the following number of actions
User 1: 3 actions complete
User 2: 3 actions complete
User 3: 4 actions complete

The above group combined have completed 10 actions, at which point I would like to reward the users with 3 bonus points. The problem I am facing is that each time the page is refreshed and the group total remains as 10, it keeps awarding 3 bonus points. How do i create a workflow that only assigns 3 bonus points once, rather than every time the page is refreshed and group actions = 10?

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Add a field to your user called something like “actionsComplete” as yes/no, default to no.
Add a conditional to your workflow action that adds the points to the individual that says “when actionComplete is no”. This will prevent it from repeating.
Add a step to that workflow to change the actionComplete to yes.

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Thanks @SerPounce!

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