"Run As User A" excluding other Users from database

Hi guys,

I used “Run As User A”, then I want to ranking User A/B/C/D by one of the fields value (number) , in a Repeating Group.

Funny thing is, if I “run as User A”, then the ranking will only populate User A, not A/B/C/D

I tried different ways using dynamic insert:

  • "search for Users (sorted by this-number, Descend “yes”
  • Or I set the Type = User; Data Source = "search for Users (sorted by this-number, Descend “yes” , then in RG cells I used “current cell” or "parent cell"s value.

None of these works, It will only populate User A, and only this 1 cell in Repeating Group showed. (Not that all cells showing User A) .

It means the system can only access a database that only having User A. ?

Will “Run As” exclude other users from the database ?

I don’t really know what you’re talking about…

But I suspect privacy rules are your issue.

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Oh yes !

I went to Privacy setting and allowed “Everyone Else” to view all fields, now It worked !!!

Thank you Adam !

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