Run Commands on GCE VM Instance through Bubble

Hello Bubblers,

i am trying to run commands on my virtual machine instance on google compute engine through bubble. Is it possible through SSH? And how would that be implemented in Bubble? I’m quite new to this and all types of ideas/feedback/different ways would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t see SSH as an option for bubble as it’s browser based

How about HTTP Requests? I definitely need to execute commands on my VM and transport files that are uploaded by a user in bubble.

Should be doable

@ShahRaZor, depending how good you are with Python it migt be an option to install Python on the virtual machine and create a REST API using FastAPI + some code to run commands on your virtual machine. Next use the Bubble’s API connector plugin to define an API on the Bubble side to talk to the API on the virtual machine. I did this for a project where we had to process large amounts of data and we used exactly this setup, works very well.

The benefit of using Python is that you have a plethora of packages available for virtually any use case, image manipulation, data analytics (f.i. Pandas) etc. etc.

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