Run confetti inside a repeating group

I want a fun “like button” that shoots out a little confetti when clicked. However, this is inside an RG, so I cant’ get it to work.

It seems stuff inside an RG are rendered after the page, and thus, are tricky to get them to do stuff.

Anyone can do this?

What is the animation you have in place?

That is not the reason. It is because as you build a RG in the editor and place the elements inside, you place only a single element which gets populated in all RG cells in run mode, so if have 100 results in the RG, the single element is then transformed into 100 different elements, one for each cell/result.

Because of this, Bubble doesn’t have a reference for which cell the element that is clicked is, so it only assumes it is to manipulate other elements within the same cell.

So making workflows that are triggered by elements outside of the RG, to execute in a specific cell is impossible without the help of a plugin, one of which is called Orchestra.

Put button in the RG. Put your confetti function outside the RG. For workflow of the button in the RG have it trigger the confetti function that is outside of the RG, so the confetti is on the page, not within an RG Cell.

Thanks for the valuable explanation. That’s exactly how I’ve been trying to get it done, by placing the confetti element inside an RG cell.

The key here is that the confetti, like a Like Button on X (formerly twitter), should shoot out from the heart icon, not the page itself. That’s what I’m trying to achieve.

Confetti plugin inside the RG on each cell. Trigger confetti when the like button is clicked.

Did you try making the heart icon a reusable element and then placing that in your repeating group cell? That may work since you can usually do the same thing with group focuses etc

This is the effect I’m looking for. How to achieve this inside a repeating group?

I did try to use the confetti js library inside a repeating group, from a reusable element. It doesn’t work inside a repeating group, but it does outside of it.

  1. put the “Confetti Animation” element from plugins IN the RepeatingGroup Cell.

  2. Element ID needs to be CurrentCellsIndex to get the individual cell and not Every cell.

Hey, thanks for chiming in. Can’t get it to work. Can you try yourself see if it works?

I did and it worked.


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Thanks for testing that, means a lot that you took the time!

It seems this “Confetti Animation” plugin does continuous confetti emissions. Cool, but I need the particles to explode out on click. That’s what’s making it harder, I think.

Yeah I noticed that too but didn’t have any brilliant ideas. Now I do.

Make it a “hidden by default” group. Then show it for a few seconds after button click, and hide it again.

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