Run Exposed API workflow in another app not doing anything

Hi everyone,
I was trying to build a chat system that sends messages between two apps. In one of these apps I have every data (messages, chats, and the workflow I’m trying to run: this workflow simply creates a message), and in the other one I’m calling the API Workflow by clicking on a button.
When I click the button however, nothing happens, even with step-by-step debug enabled. Does anybody have a solution or an idea? Thanks to everyone

if you’re on a free plan, scheduled workflows might be disabled

On the first app I have a paid plan, only the app in which I’m calling the workflow it’s on a free plan. Does that change anything? Or do I have to pay for both?

Pay by app. So, free plan, no API, unless grandfathered.

@ken Ok I actually realized that the problem was a bad API call :smile: by the way, got another issue: I take data from the first app and put it in a RepeatingGroup in the second app and it works fine, but when I create a new thing in app2 I have to refresh the page to see the new list. Any idea on how to auto refresh the RG? I cant refresh the page because this would cause some problems on my user experience