Running a workflow action for another user

Hey Bubblers, I was just curious to know if anyone would know how to trigger a workflow action on behalf of another user. For example:

I have an app where users can join community groups.

Within this group, a member will have moderation permission to kick someone out of the group.

When the user is kicked, I can remove them from a list of users storing the members of the group, but I’d also like to navigate this kicked user away from the group page back to a home page.

Is there a way to run a workflow action for this kicked user?

Would appreciate any insights!

Hey Lachlan, you might be able to do this with the workflow-event “Do when condition is true” and the action “Go to page”, see screenshots below. When current user not in group …, go to page…

Thanks for taking the time to respond mate!

This worked a treat. Here I was trying to build a scheduled workflow as a workaround.

Appreciate your help :pray:

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