Running workflow on screen orientation change

I have some workflows that run on Page Load that sets the position of an element on the page. However, if the user rotates their device then I need to re-calculate the position. Is there some way to user this information in a “When” workflow… “When device rotated…” kind of thing?

Similarly, is there anyway to react to the screen resize event?


I believe you can run workflows when the screen width changes. Additionally, if your page is set to be responsive Bubble will take care of the UI elements based on the responsive settings.

You can definitely set conditions on elements based on screen width (e.g., when screen-width > 800, then change font-size to 14) as well.

If you need something more robust, you can use Javascript to grab the screen-width or height and input it into a 1px by 1px input field (and then use changes in the input field’s value to trigger other behavior).


Ha ha - the 1x1 input field is a neat hack: I’ll keep that one in my pocket! Thanks!

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the CSS tools plugin which is free has page orientation detection which you can run a workflow… Just an FYI


I didn’t know about this plugin, thanks!

I second @Bubbleboy on the CSS Plugin. It is unbelievable and for free. It does so many things. I’d be lost without it.

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