SaaS Company For Sale (UserProof) - Built On Bubble (Obviously)

Hi all,

I recently designed and built a fully fledged SaaS company called UserProof, which is a brand monitoring platform built on Bubble (frontend website included built on Webflow).
I lost interest in the project, but was about to launch it with a lifetime deal partner (potential $40k revenue in a 3 week campaign), I can put you in touch with them.

Competitors are Mention, BrandMentions etc, its a great market and the tool is very powerful and potentially profitable with the right execution.

The concept is the user adds their Business, then the platform finds that business (using Clearbit), finds the social media profiles of the company (ignores posts from them automatically to prevent false positives), then round the clock monitors the entire web, news outlets and social media platforms for mentions of your brand, and shows you the mention and even renders the full webpage in an iframe in the dashboard in a Gmail style inbox (looks really cool). What’s really nice is you can even reply directly on the social network or location where your brand was mentioned, so you can respond to negative feedback or compliments from one platform!

Had a lot of interest from consultants in the crowdfunding space to use to monitor their crowdfund clients for negative brand mentions (during a crowdfunding campaign monitoring what people say about you is vital they said). This could be a market opportunity.

Below are some screenshots. Please note this is the sale of the full application, website and brand. This is not a template so please don’t make very low offers.

More screenshots to follow.

Here is the live link to try it out, if it asks for your Card details just leave the fields empty :slight_smile:

Taking offers on this one, so if you are interested in acquiring it let me know! Don’t worry, I’m not asking for a huge amount as there are no customers/rev, but its ready to ship so if you want a business built on Bubble with connections to launch it set up, let me know!



Hi I am interested in learning more about the SAAS business for sale. How can we connect?

Hello I am still waiting to hear how much you are selling this app for. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi! Just replied on your personal message :slight_smile:

Solid concept. I do have some feedback.

  • The two options on the dashboard upon signing up is really small, so you might want to make them bigger.
  • The signup process is really cool.
  • Page parameters are not clear, for example the dashboard says Userproof | 0 unread
  • If you search for a competitor brand name that doesn’t exist, the browser get’s stuck and no way to remove the hover dropdown, I have to manually restart the page.
  • I tried searching for competitor called KPN, which is a known company and the same thing happened, it got stuck and no results.

You might want to solve these issues before selling the business.

I sent you a pm as well. not sure if you saw it or not.

Did you ever sell this app/business?

Yep sold a while ago :slight_smile:

I still have a Zoom type clone called Zoomio for sale for £500 if you are interested!

Can you share a link to a demo? Thanks.

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Sure - I’ll PM you

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Hey - didn’t see the PM, can you resend?

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Sure have done!

Hi I would be interested in the link as well?


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Hi Simon, sure thing!

Highly interested! How do we proceed. thx!