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SaaS like shopify

Hi guys! Everything’s fine? I hope so :smile:
Well, I have a question and I would be grateful if you can help me.

Is It possible to create a SaaS plataform like Shopify with Bubble? (Multi-tenant ecommerce plataform).
The thing im talking about:

In another words: My client actives a plan subscription and we start to set up his own store with some templates already made availabe etc…

I saw this article here in bubble blog but im not pretty sure… This looks like just a painel for E-commerce: How To Build A Shopify Clone Without Code - Bubble

Yes, this is probably one of the best use cases for Bubble. Check out Stripe Connect, and Stripe Express Accounts to learn how to setup payments, and collect a platform fee. The rest of the platform is up to your imagination, but entirely buildable on Bubble.

Wow, this pretty good to hear!
Do u know some walk-through to build a similar business like that?
I mean, create the platform, allow to sign up with a subscription plan, after that make available some E-commerce templates for costumization (Like chance color, set logo, put some banners etc) just like they do on shopify.
I got that with stripe I can manage the billing and fee, but the business structure… Do you know something from your end?

My best regards, csblack!