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SaaS like shopify

Hi guys! Everything’s fine? I hope so :smile:
Well, I have a question and I would be grateful if you can help me.

Is It possible to create a SaaS plataform like Shopify with Bubble? (Multi-tenant ecommerce plataform).
The thing im talking about:

In another words: My client actives a plan subscription and we start to set up his own store with some templates already made availabe etc…

I saw this article here in bubble blog but im not pretty sure… This looks like just a painel for E-commerce: How To Build A Shopify Clone Without Code - Bubble

Yes, this is probably one of the best use cases for Bubble. Check out Stripe Connect, and Stripe Express Accounts to learn how to setup payments, and collect a platform fee. The rest of the platform is up to your imagination, but entirely buildable on Bubble.

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Wow, this pretty good to hear!
Do u know some walk-through to build a similar business like that?
I mean, create the platform, allow to sign up with a subscription plan, after that make available some E-commerce templates for costumization (Like chance color, set logo, put some banners etc) just like they do on shopify.
I got that with stripe I can manage the billing and fee, but the business structure… Do you know something from your end?

My best regards, csblack!

Go to the bubble marketplace search like shopify you’ll see a complete zeroqode template