SaaS Metrics. How are you tracking returning users?

Hi all!

Need a little bit of help. I’ve got a good and bad thing.

Good thing: based on activity, I can tell users are returning to our product and using it.

Bad thing: I can’t tell how often each user is returning.

What are using to track this type of activity? How are you managing your SaaS metrics?

I used “last logon” as a metric, meaning whenever they press “login” I record the timestamp in their user profile, however this doesn’t work if you stay logged on.


Don’t you have things created by the user?

Not necessarily all the time, they don’t have to “create” things in order to use our product. They can use our product without creating things.

Mixpanel often works well for this.

The plugin Efactive Presence will give you that missing information.

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