SaaS Multi Tenant - Shopify Example

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to set up a SaaS like Shopify in Bubble, with a registration system including monthly fee with sales fees and customization of the store by the customer along with the integration of payment gateways via API directly in the User Panel, as connect Razorpay, Coinbase and etc… Any other gateway…

As far as I know, all of the above is possible with Bubble. I’m not sure what you mean by “integration of payment gateways via API directly in the User Panel”, however, you can integrate as many payment gateways as you want with your core platform.

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Got it, I’m talking about user integration. for example, when he registers and chooses the store template in my app… he will customize and add the products, after that… comes the gateways part via api. This part is basically where he enters the secret data of the gateway he prefers, this data is his own… that is, there would be where he will enter the stripe key to process payments in his store and receive directly into his stripe account …

Stripe, Razor… etc…

Yes, this is all possible on Bubble as a platform. It’s not an insignificant undertaking though. Some pre-built plugins for the payment gateways you want to use may not exist or be sufficient so you will likely create your own connection using the API Connector.


how interesting!!! so this is basically a YES. I will start my work! :rocket::rocket: Thanks to you 2 for helping me with these doubts.

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