SaaS MVP software help

Hello all,
I started on a SaaS MVP(minimal viable product) but would like to accelerate the development time by adding a freelancer. I work full time so it’s hard to devote the needed time to get this up and running. I’m looking for someone with the following skills:

-Understands Server Privacy rules in Bubble which allows for single instant multi-tenant environment
-Decent UI experience
-Understanding of relational databases

If you are interested, please let me know.


Hey! I can do the things you need help with. Currently working on my own SaaS products with Bubbe. Sending a Pm.


I am interested and have dropped a PM.

Can you please respond to that?



I should be able to help you out with this as its well within my area of expertise…
Feel free to PM me or reach out to me on

Best Wishes,

Hey Mpozek,

I work at The Upstarters and I have just sent you a private message.

Look forward to chatting to you,