SAAS Style Updating

Hello Everyone! I have been considering moving my coding operation to Bubble (I’m a small startup and costs have just become too high). I have one app already built in Bubble, but I’m curious if anyone has worked with updating your records on a nightly basis based on auto-importing of csvs.

Here is the scenario:

  • I have multiple school districts
    Each district has a list of students and that list can change from one night to the next (I have data collected through my system)
  • Each day, the school districts all export a csv of active students
  • My system would need to archive students who are not in the list and create students who are on the list automatically.

The Question:

  1. How can I do those imports automatically and is Bubble able to handle the logic required?

My concerned will be the size (number of students) and how many operations you need to do. If under 10000 (it can take hours), then to import automatically depends on where is the file (how accessible). You can create on AWS a small windows server and have a easy cron job (with automation tool) to take the data from school and transfer via Bubble api workflows (server AWS 15$ per month). Many ways to do it.

Another way to do this might be with integromat. You could have the CSV files sent to Google drive and, then create/make changes to a thing based on values and have them updated in bubble. I find integromat very helpful for stuff like this.

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You bring up a very good point. I could see the database getting pretty large if I started including things like file storage on a student or images. At this time, I’m only keeping text data. I also like the idea of using an automation tool. I’ll admit CRON is something I’m still trying to learn.

I’m going to check that out. Is Integromat a plugin or external service?

The one I used everyday, so you don’t need to be a CRON expert :slight_smile: (it’s like Bubble, fill the blanks)

and Amazon Server (EC2 server)

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Now that is something I like to hear! More Bubble like apps is always a good thing. Thanks @JohnMark!

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Hey, its like automator on a Mac but for windows. :slight_smile:


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Integromat is an external service. It has a bubble integration. It’s similar to zapier, but free and allows bubble actions as a result, where zapier only supports bubble as a trigger.

So you can set up actions like watch this Google drive account for changes, and when there is a change to this Google sheet, create or update a thing in bubble.

I use it to import Facebook lead ads into one of our apps, where we then sell the leads to users from a lead pool.

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