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FiveM Server:

Who we are:
We are a team of motivated, experienced FiveM RP’ers who have seen it all with other RP servers and want to create a uniquely different and exciting RP experience. We are dedicated to making the server unique, providing new experiences all of the time, we will not stop updating and innovating.

Join our community today and jump on our server, find out what makes us great!!!

Departments/Positions Open/Coming Soon
San Andreas State Police - Commissioner, Command, Officers (Coming soon when we hit 20-30 Members)
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office - Command. Officers
San Andreas Fire Department - Chief, Command, Firefighters
Dispatch - Director, Command, Operators
Staff - All Spots

We understand the difference between fun RP and fail RP and will be helpful and lenient with our members, Our staff is mature and we understand the fun and value of real RP.

We use DOJRP cad
We are open to new and different RP scenes and welcome you to propose and try them.
We have FAA open for anyone to apply.
We enforce rules but our staff is mature, friendly and VERY helpful.
We take suggestions for new vehicles and maps and get them in quickly and seamlessly.

There is much more, we already have our members saying this is the best new RP server out there.
Come and try it, you will not be disappointed.

Can’t wait to see you in the server!

Hey you know this is a copy of my listing which was posted since Aug 2020
Not so cool my guy.

SADOJRP | Mature Staff | Mature Police | Serious Role Play | 500+ Cars/Motorcycles/Planes | Drifting | DRAG Cars | Community Orgs | FAA | CAD | Recruting for All Departments | Server Events - Server Bazaar - Community

I’ve been using Fivem Mods for 4 years! Working fine for me you can also check on the link!