Safety of Workflows


I was looking for information about workflows and backend worflows.

My doubt is about the safety of the Not-Backend workflows (the normal workflows).

Are they safe? Will be any problem if I create the Sign Up workflow in this way?

Thank you for your help!

Hey @francochapa01

So you can think of the difference between workflows & backend workflows like this:

Page workflows: this happens in the browser
Backend workflows: this happens on the server

They key thing to do is ensure you have the right privacy settings on your data. So for each data type you should clearly define who can view/edit the data etc.

In the case of users you’d have this pretty locked down, but it also depends on your app to where you draw the line.

i.e. in almost all cases in a B2C application you’d probably only let a user edit their own data (may be different in B2B apps), but you may make certain fields viewable by other logged in users or even publicly available to everyone.

In terms of the sign up workflow though, if it’s just a standard sign up and nothing fancy, I can’t really see any benefit of moving this to the backend at all. It’ll just make it more complicated if anything as you have to use a page workflow to trigger and pass data to the backend.

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Thank you so much for your reply!
I was in trouble with the signup at the backend, because I have password rules, and other things, and the sign up wasn’t working well when the user do bad things.

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