Same Name & Number of list is not updating

Hello Guys,
If I am updating My product name list with this input:

So, It is updating with only different names, Suppose I am going to type “NAME” and If again I will add “NAME” so it is not updating. If I will write “NAMES” then it is udpating.


You can check above screenshot. All entries are different. I will try to add “adfa” again so it is not updating.

Can you post a link to your editor so we can take a look and see why this is happening?

@StarrK_Designs This portal have some confidential or Private stuffs. So this is not possible to send login details. If you want. I can share Screenshot.

I completely understand that. I would need to see your updating workflow.




This is a App Data Screenshot


Try this:


Set the products list to the current product name (list) and add the new name with ":plus item:

@StarrK_Designs Thank you so much. I am going to change. Thanks a lot for your time.

@StarrK_Designs No it is not working



I tried both:


Hi there, @info.gauravchauhan… if I understand your initial post correctly, the issue you are seeing is described in this post, and the last response includes a potential solution.

Hope this helps.


As per your post, Is not possible with The Bubble?

As the post (and a number of others like it) indicates, you can’t have duplicate text values in a list. A potential solution for you is to have a Product data type and save each product as a thing in that data type. Because each thing in the data type is unique, it won’t matter if two products have the same name.

Do you have any screenshot or any tutorial, By which i can see How can i create thing in data type. I am new in Bubble.

Just some friendly advice… if you don’t know how to create a thing in a data type (which is about as basic as it gets), you are really going to struggle on your Bubble journey. You should definitely consider taking some time to work through Bubble’s tutorials… they are great when it comes to learning and understanding the basics.

The above being said, I created a quick example for you…

Create a Product data type with a name field.


Delete the Product Name field you are showing in your fourth post in this thread, create a new Product field with a Field type of Product (i.e., the Product data type you created just above) in that data type, and make it a list.


When the button you are showing in your first post in this thread is clicked, use the Create a new thing workflow action to create a thing in the Product data type.

Add a second step in that workflow that adds the newly created product to the list field in the other data type.

As you can see in the following screenshot, each product is its own thing in the Product data type, and it doesn’t matter if multiple products have the same name.


Finally, because the list in the other data type is made up of unique things from the Product data type, you can now have multiple products with the same name in the list.


Hope this helps.



@mikeloc Thank you so much.

But i can see only unique id there:


Click the Primary fields button over on the left, and change the primary field for MyProduct from unique id to name.

Thank you so much! You are Great.

I have 1 more question. If i am placing this at child repeating group so Every Parent Repeating group showing same: