SARP CAD/MDT's for Cheap!

Hello! I am a owner of an CAD/MDT Server. We sell cads very cheap and we want to be great people together!

We sell 2 kind of cads. First is the Basic looking cad and then the better one looking.

CAD/MDT’s Normal CAD Frontend: $6.00 Backend: $8.00 Reseller : $10.00 -Offers- -6 Departments -3 LEO Departments -Management Panel -Limited Customization -Tow -LEO Subdivisions -complex design

Name of Product: storm cad Frontend: $10.00 Backend: $15.00 Reseller: $20.00 Storm CAD - 6 Departments - 3 LEOS - Subdivisions (Create/Edit your own) - Management Panel - Civilian Jobs (Tow etc) - Better looking backgrounds and better looking CAD and MDT’s

More in Discord!

Regards, AurZ