Save as .doc word document file

Is there any way to create a word document from a page. Not just an image sent to a word document but an actual editable word document somehow that my users can download?

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It looks like there are a few API’s that can convert HTML to word.
I would just google it.
If you need some help feel free to PM me and I can probabaly walk you through it

Ohhh, that would be great, I have not learned how to do APIs like that yet, that would be fantastic. I will PM you right now. :slight_smile: Thanks

Hey mate, did you have any luck with this? I’m looking at something similar…

Nope. I couldn’t find a way to do this within my budget yet. The cheapest API he could find was about $7/month. Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jason. Out of interest, which API are you referring to? Is it an existing bubble plugin or an external API that would require a custom build? thanks for your time…

It was something @ryley.randall was going to develop. It would be a custom API I believe.

many thanks