Save as image from rich text editor not working

I am trying to save a group as an image using the PDF/Screenshot plugin by @renatoasse Plugins | Bubble

The content is saved as rich text in the database and rendered in a group as text. This content also contains images. However, the screenshot saved does not show the image from the rich text. It also does not display the highlighted text. Below is the comparison of the group and the downloaded image.

The group on the page

The downloaded image

Any solutions to this?

Use and display in an HTML element ( not a separated text and image ) or within a rich text editor ( you can use CSS codes to remove the background, and borders color of a rich text editor to make look it solid )

The PDF Converter reads only HTML within a specific div element ( in your case it is a group)

Thanks @Eugene_West Let me try this approach.

This worked perfectly! Thanks again.

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