Save data hourly for chart use

Hi Bubblers, please advice on this problem:

Automatically saving data to bubble in hourly basis (once every hour).

I have data pulled from API and saved to bubble by users clicking Update button. However, these data is at varying/inconsistent timing. I am thinking to pull the saved data every hour only (saved at other datatype), so I can use these for chart display, using amChart serial plugin.

I have upgraded to Personal account which only allows for scheduling monthly recurring workflow events.

Is there workaround to solve this?


Hi @carl - an untested suggestion for you :slight_smile:

You could create a Zap in Zapier that uses their ‘Scheduler’ as the Trigger. This can be set to run every hour…
You can then use their Webhook as the Action, and have that pointed to an Endpoint in your Bubble app, which can in turn run your workflow, run the API call etc.

You don’t need to integrate Bubble and Zapier to do this (that can be a bit of a pain)… you’re just using your Zap to keep time and fire off a call to your Bubble Endpoint.

Depending on your familiarity with Zapier and Bubble Endpoints, this might sound complex, but it’s actually quick and easy (assuming my idea would work!).

Incidentally, I’m the author of amCharts plugin. Shout if you need any support with getting that side of the process working :+1:

@exception-rambler Thank you for the pointers. Will test it out over this weekend. :slight_smile:

I am indeed enjoying your amCharts plugin. It is awesome! Graphing options are comprehensively impressive. Will need to learn how to use those graphs soon.

I have 1 minor issue on Horizontal values which are dates. I want to show data points, on mins or hourly basis, within each day. When I switch to “Format category data as dates”, the data points will be consolidated in a single day. Is there workaround on this issue?


Thanks, and advance Happy New Year!

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