Save data to another application's database

Hello. I have a question. I have a main app (which I will call App A) which in turn has a sub-app (which I will call App B). On App A there is the main database including that of users who can also log in on App B via the App Connector plugin. The user who connects on App B has the possibility to place orders that are saved on a database of App B and the platform admin can see on the backend located on App A all the specifications of that particular order.

I want the admin from App A to be able to make changes to orders through his backend which I remind you is on App A. How can I do this? Thank you

Hi @luca.riviello :wave:

If you have both apps connected by App Connector, you should be able to see and run workflows from App A in App B and vice versa.

First you need to create an API Workflow in App A and, in App B, open the App Connector plugin and click in the button “Add an API Call”. You should be able to see all API Workflows from App A.

Thanks a lot for the answer! Would you be kind enough to explain to me exactly what kind of workflow API I need to create on App A? Thank you

It depends of what you are trying to do.

Let’s say that, in App B, your user will send a “product” to your App A.
And in App A, you will pick this product and save it in your database. Very simple example.

So, in App A you will need to create an API Workflow to receive and save the incoming product in your database, correct? Go to your backend workflows and create something like this:

You can see that this API workflow needs a variable. A product. Text type. Now, when you receive this product, just create a workflow to save it in your database.

When you open you App Connector plugin in App B, you should be able to see the above workflow (product_from_appb) in a list of workflows. Now, you can send a product thru this workflow from App B to App A. And as we already saw, when this workflow receives a product, it will save it in its database.

Thank you very much! It works

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