Save input from RG to database


I am trying to build a function of my app which should allow the user to create a vision board. With a multi file uploader he can upload all his pictures which will then be shown in the Repeating Group. Once he clicks on the button „Speichern“, the images should be saved in to the DB. This part works fine.

My problem:
I want to add an individual title to each uploaded file. Therefore I added an input to the RG (shown as „Bildtitel…“ in the screenshot). When the workflow is triggered to save the picture to the DB, I want the matching title also to be saved. I don’t know how to figure this out and would be really happy to get some help here :slight_smile:

Below you can find my current workflow. Thanks a lot!

You can do this using custom states. But your setup doesn’t seem to work here. You are uploading a list of files and trying to add all the names as a list as well. This way won’t let you identify each individual file (unless you are looking to name a batch of files?)

What you should do is save each file individually and assign a name to each. This is done by right clicking the input and clicking the start workflow option. This will them allow you to save each image and a name.

Thanks for the reply! When right clicking on the input, the only trigger available is when the input is changed. I tried to set it up anyway like shown below, the problem now is that if the user has a typo and tries to correct it the workflow creates a new picture & title without deleting the old one - so basically the picture with the typo is still shown.

Is there any way do avoid this? I am still looking for the most user friendly way to do it, so the user can only click on the save button and the whole vision board will be created.

Since you are creating a NEW thing it is not going to modify the existing one. You will have to use the make changes to a thing action.

Then set a conditional to check whether it needs to create or modify the image name. If the input value is empty run the create action, if it is not run the modify action.

Got it - thanks a lot! :slight_smile: