Save multiple items from Multi-drop down


I am trying to save my Product List from a Multi-dropdown.
Custom states: Product List
Group/element: Group Multi-Product Select
Dropdown Input: Input - Multi Product

When I am setting the custom state:
Value: Group - Multi-Product Select’s Product List:plus item Input - Multi Products’s value…

On my screenshot, if I will select :first item, I can only save the first item and :last item for last item.
How can I save the selected products from my Multi-dropdown?


Hi @manny
You need to use “:merged with” property
Operators & Comparisons - Bubble Docs…-merged-with-…

It will be Group-multi-product select product list :merged with input multi product value

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@viquarahmed07 Thanks much!

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@manny you can mark it as a solution (if it works for you)
It will help others in future