Save one file to a "list of files"?

I am making a message log system so that any email/SMS that goes out is recorded in the database and can later be re-sent.

I have a message log data type, one of the fields is “attachments” which is a list of files.

Usually if you’re trying to save a single item to a list you can use “convert to list” but it doesn’t seem to be an option when scheduling API workflows whether I try to submit the URL or do “:use as file”.

Any ideas? My current workaround is to just have an “attachment (singular)” field and an “attachments (plural)” field and save to one or the other depending on if the attachments are a list or not, but it would be preferable if I could just have a list of 1 item like usual.




You can use the file’s URL and convert that to a list and it should work.

Alternatively you can do something like arbitrary text: split by(,) where your arbitrary text contents are something like file's URL, (the additional comma at the end is important).

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