Save Point Not Reverting the Testing DB

I thought one of the main purposes of Save Points is to test out new features and have the option to revert back if needed. We’re testing out a new feature that completely changes how our app works for some users, and changes a ton of things in the DB for those users. We wanted to run this tool on a specific test-version user that has a bunch of dummy data pre-loaded in the DB, then revert back after testing/debugging, etc. And rinse/repeat until the bugs were out.

Big problem: After reverting to a Save Point created before running the tool on User A, User A’s fields are all still changed, and there are other “things” in the DB attached to User A that shouldn’t exist after restoring to the Save Point.

Am I missing something? This completely screws with our ability to thoroughly test new features when restoring Save Points doesn’t do anything to the testing DB.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It’s just for reverting the changes to the app, not the data.

If you go to the Data tab, then App data tab, you can do “Copy and restore database” towards the top right and then rollback to any time you want within your app’s plan


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