Save Point Question

I have been reading this about save points.

I have a few questions:

  1. How long is a save point kept for? I have the lowest priced plan.
  2. Does the save point include the DB contents or just the structure and the work flows ect?
  3. How do you del a save point?

I want to do some destructive testing so I want to make sure I know what a save point is exacally.

Hi there, @TomIsCool… on the Starter plan, you can go back 2 days when restoring your project to a previous version, save points do not include the contents of the databases, and to the best of my knowledge, you cannot delete a save point.

Hope this helps.


Do save points also get removed after 2 days?

You will only see save points that are within your plan’s retention window (again, 2 days on the Starter plan).

Clone the entire app and destroy it for fun

You guys are hilarious. Don’t worry, Tom, I won’t reply in your future threads. Best of luck, man.

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:flushed: No please I was just giving another option

No thank you for (or really even acknowledgement of) either of my replies (same thing yesterday in the thread where I introduced him to the app search tool), and he marked your post (which I assume was meant to be a joke) as the solution for some reason. I guess he’s forgotten the thread where I helped him out and then went out of my way to edit one of his screenshots and reupload it for him because he forgot to edit something out. Good times, Tom.

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Oh wow Mike I am very sorry I do agree that your solution was the more proper and better one.

I genuinely through that I could give credit to multiple solutions like you could give the heart reactions. That is why the bottom comment is usually the solution on my posts because as more people reply with good ideas I was just making them all as solutions.

All good, man… just me being overly sensitive there. In my defense, though, Tyler’s “idea” isn’t a good one (again, I assume it was meant to be a joke), so marking it as the solution while pretty much ignoring my real replies did seem like a pretty giant middle finger, hence my overly-sensitive reaction. :slight_smile:


I may have worded it stupidly… since the Starter plan’s 2 day retention is a joke if testing/destruction needed to happen over a longer period of time my way would be good :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Remember the Personal plan (same price as Starter) with 2 week retention? Those were the days…


I remember the ridiculously full-featured Hobby plan back in 2018, and I remember saying to my girlfriend something along the lines of, “How in the holy hell are they able to give all of this away for free?!?” Well, turns out they couldn’t.

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So, now we know who is guilty :rofl:

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