Save the date a user followed another

So I want that when a user follows another, we save the date he followed him so that we can display it later.
So I thought of creating another field, called “sub date”. In the workflow, when so. follows so. I add the current date time to this field but then to display it, I need to know its #number. How do you think I can know which number is one specific follow ?
Thank you very much in advance!

you need to add fields for both users to your data type. Then in your workflow, capture the 2 so and so’s.
Then to display the date, do a search for the 2 so and so’s: first item to display the date.

I’m sorry I don’t understand your explaination. So to start what fields do I need to set up please .
Thank you very much once again

You will need a field for each user - the follower and the one being followed. So you will need to add 2 user fields to your data type so that you can capture these via workflow when the one user clicks to follow the other.

Oh sorry I didn’t explain myself well, I have already set up the following process, now I would like to record when one people followed the other so that one year later, etc. I can show him that he started to follow the other person one year ago (just like FB)


You are referring to a “specific follow” … so I gather that a “follow” is created upon someone A following someone B.

Just the “unique id” of the “follow”. Bubble automatically creates a unique id for every new created entry in the dB.

In the expression write “follow’s unique id “ and you will be able to locate it’s created date as well if needed


Hello, thank you for you answer, I think that it is what I need, I will try to experiment with this idea!

Sorry I can’t understand what to do.
Here is what I have in my user type, people can follow each other by clicking the button and then Following (resp Followers) add the other in its base.

From that, could you please tell me what I need to set up, if it is a new type, a new field within user, etc.
Thank you very much, I really have difficulties upon this one


I see.

The dB structure that you are kindly showing is one concept.

I was referring to expressions.


Each entry in Bubble carries its unique id :grinning:

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I created a “follow” in the dB and I am using one of the many ways to see the automatic fields that Bubble can create for each “follow” … one of them being it’s “unique id “


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I understood, thank you very much for taking the time to explain me this! It is a great solution!

Hope it will help other people too

I did create too a text field that is equal to the people just followed so that in the “search for,” i can put as constraint “user = the people i am followed to” and then display its creation date.

Thank you once again

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