Save this date if the date does not exist - best solution?

Hi All

Not a fan working with dates!

This may be a simple one (or not) but what is the best way to add a condition which says “If this Start date exists in the database do not save”?


  • Event
  • Start date
  • End date

Hi @StevenM :slight_smile: Could you add a search as the condition? So the workflow is:

When Button Save is clicked -->
*Only when: “Do a Search for Events (constraint: Start Date = [the Start Date selected on the page]):count is 0”

This way, the search will see if any Events with that Start date exist (if so, the count will be greater than 0) and the workflow will not run. I think that should do it but let me know if not!

Thanks @fayewatson makes sense, will give that one a try.

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