:saved to s3 max size


Does anyone know the max size of the file I can use the ‘:saved to s3’ operator on a BACKEND workflow?

I can’t seem to find any info in the docs.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Around 50mb - same as the front-end action, if anyone else is wondering :slight_smile:


They should probably indicate it in their manual :sweat_smile:

Maybe here: Operators and comparisons - Bubble Docs

@petter any chance you’re still working on the manual and can suggest changes to the Bubble team?

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It’s been added to the docs now, thanks for flagging!

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Why this limit if in the end users will pay for their storage use?

Cause it’s a technical limitation on their end clearly. External s3 storage time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Instead of saving files directly in your database, it’s better to store only their URLs. This approach eliminates concerns about file size limits. Remember to associate the file with a specific entity in your database to maintain its privacy.

Unless the URL is a temporary/expiring one from an API intended for us to save :sweat_smile:

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This is what’s natively done, no? The ‘file’ field type is just a file URL. Only if you’re saving a file as text (e.g base64) is it stored in the DB. Or do you mean don’t use Bubble storage at all and save URLs to external hosting?

Exactly. In my use case, I need to save large video files and because of this limitation I see no other solution than using an external storage service, unfortunately.

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I use Wasabi S3 and i already use CloudConvert to make PDFs, but they have a job builder where you do import/url → export/s3 and it uses no credits Import files | CloudConvert API which is like the (virtually) unlimited file size equivalent to the :saved to s3 operator

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I’ll check that out, thanks

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Vote for this feature (Unlimited file size for :saved to s3):