Savepoint on starter plan

Is it so that the Starter Plan only lets you go back 48 hours even if I’ve got savepoints older than 48 hours listed in the “History” tab?

I’ve got a bug in my app that I can’t fix, and I believe a workaround could be to reset my app back to a savepoint that I made, but apparently this is not possible :face_with_head_bandage:

Hi there, @rudibakken… that’s correct, you can only use the save points that are within your plan’s retention window.


Thanks @mikeloc :blush: I have save points that goes 3 weeks back and they are all visible on the History tab, but I cant access any of them. I understand now that I can’t use any of them because they are older than 48 hours, but I really think it is kind of misleading that they are visible if I can not access them on my plan.

Ah well, I should be diving into my app to try to find a solution rather than complaining on the forum I guess haha, thanks for clarifying @mikeloc

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In my reply, I initially wrote see but changed it to use, but truth be told, I thought you couldn’t actually see them because I believe I read that somewhere before. Just curious because I don’t have an app where I can see that right now… are the ones that are outside the retention window grayed out or something?

I’l add a few screenshots:

As you can see, they are visible:

And also clickable:

When I click one of the save points that are older than 48h a message appears at the bottom that says I need to upgrade in order to access it.

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Ah, okay… at least they are super clear about it, even if it’s a bit “after the fact.” Thanks for the screenshots… much appreciated.

No problem at all. Yeah, I just checked if the warning appears when you create a new save point - and it doesn’t. I believe that would we a more appropriate placement.

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