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Saving a hyper link or something like that

Hey team, how is everyone?

I am trying to have a user (trainer) create exercises that have a YouTube link saved to them as a link of some sort and then be able to display those to another user (client).

The exercise name shows up on the client’s workout program and then it can be clicked to display a popup with a workout video.

It is possible to do this or would it be better to have them save the YouTube link and then have a button within the workout program to display the video?


I don’t understand what the difference is between your second and third paragraphs.

Paragraph 2, it sounds like the link is visible to the client and then they click on it and view the video. That sounds very similar to paragraph 3. Can you please explain further?

Hey Paul, thanks for getting to me so quick.

So I have trainers within my app that create workouts for clients and I would like to give them the option to create a workout library with and list of exercises that have links attached to each exercise.

From there, the trainer makes a workout and can pick from a dropdown menu a exercise (they created with link) to add to the workout.

When the clients views their workout, they can then click on the exercise name and a popup will appear showing the YouTube video that the trainer attached to that exercise.

This photo shows the dropdown with exercises but I can not figure out how to attach the link to them.

I hope this makes sense, sorry I am still very new to all this and struggle to explain what I want to do lol

This makes more sense now. What you’ll need to do is have a datatype that stores the link between the exercise and the youtube video. Call it “exercises” with the fields:
“exercise name” and “youtube link”
Then when someone clicks on the exercise, you then “do a search for” and the search is on datatype “exercises” where the constraint is “exercise=Dropdown A’s value”. Once you have set up that constraint then you will choose 's youtube link so that the youtube link is returned. I’m not sure how you have it set up but likely the way you want to do this is to set up the workflow event “when an input’s value has changed”, select Dropdown A (or whatever you’ve named it) and then either choose “send data to a group/popup” and send the exercises datatype (don’t forget to set the datatype of the popup to “exercises” or just set a custom state to the youtube link of whatever is changed

Hope that helps.

I will give this a try, thank you :slight_smile:

Will this also work if the trainer wants to have an exercise (with link) in multiple workouts and then also, have multiple clients doing the same workout?

Yes. You can do as many “do a search for” as you want. The only thing the datatype is used for is a link between the exercise name and the url. You could just store the urls in the dropdown but that is not a good user experience. This is just the way you can store multiple pieces of information in one spot but the user thinks there is only one piece of information there (for lack of a better way of describing it)

Ahhh ok, awesome.

The fields “exercise name” and “youtube link” are text field?

Yup. That’s right

I think we are still not quite there, I will try and explain it more.

The trainer creates the exercise (text field: exercise name) (text field: YouTube link) of one page that are stored in the database for future use.

The trainer then creates workout and from a dropdown they can select any of the stored exercise in the database. They can reuse exercises to make up multiple different workouts that are saved in the database to be sent out to multiple different clients.

On the clients end (client profile) they have a workout page where the exercises within the workout (that the trainer has assigned to them) will be displayed. When the client clicks on the “exercise name” the popup will show up with the video.

I will send photos:

#1 Create Exercise.

This is where they create the exercise with the link.

#2 Create Workout.

Here is where they Create the workout and add the exercises from #1

#3 They sign up a client and assign the workout from #2 to them.

This is the client workout page (still not finished looking pretty). When the client click on “Exercise: Parent group’s Exercise’s Exercise :split by” (which shows the exercise name) it will show the video in the popup.

Sorry but I’m a little bit confused. Can you share a link to your app? If not, create a dummy app that replicates this functionality that you’ve built and share that and then I can take a look.

There are a bunch of steps here which I’m not sure if that’s overcomplicating the issue or not here.

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