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Saving a list of Google Places

So, I have a Custom State that is a list of Google Places (using the new Radar search, thanks !)

Works nicely enough.

Then when I click a button I create a thing which has a field which is a list of Google Place.

The debugger show me that the state is populated.

However, there is nothing on the thing in this list. I have used “Set List” and “Add List”.

I think this should work ?

From my experience, objects saved from external APIs don’t show up in the database view, but are still able to be accessed via repeating groups, etc.

I’ve definitely done something similar to this in the past. Is your list of Google Places not accessible when you try to use it in a workflow, etc?

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Yeah, thanks. I don’t trust the data view either :slight_smile: Pulled the data out into repeating group, and csv etc

The Places LIST is the there, but there are no Places on it. So doesn’t look like it is saving the Place.

It isn’t just lists either, I set up a test page that ADDed a single Place but that didn’t work. But I could save the data associated with the place so I can store the Place Id for example (although not much use as you can’t get a place by id).

So I can always set up a Data Type called “Place” that replicates the fields on Google Place.

Just all a bit frustrating, every time I try to get my head down and crack on with building things I find little issues. I can work round them, but “debugging” and then implementing a workaround takes time that I don’t have a lot of. I know it is beta, and this is to be expected, but just end up demoralised at not being that much further forward than when I started.

Update : Looks like you can save a Google Place, but not a list of Google Places.

Update 2 : If you create a new data type, GooglePlace, with a single field which is a Google Place, then you can save a list of google places. But because you can’t create a set of GooglePlaces you can only do one at a time.

Update 3 : So, I am back to the old favorite of creating the thing on page entry, and then storing my pretend google places as I go along. So that works. For now.


@NigelG understand your frustration when this happens. If it can give you some cold confort… you save a lot of time to others :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks :slight_smile: Although in the longer term I don’t think it does save time, it just bow-waves them.

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@NigelG - I think I am having a similar problem and might have found a solution…

I am pulling results from a Blockspring API call: Alchemy - Entity Extraction From Text.

INPUT from Bubble

  1. Text - e.g. “Donald Trump is running for president. Trump said he would like some ice cream.”

RETURNED data from API

  1. ID of Entity found - e.g. 0 (number)
  2. Type - e.g. Person (text)
  3. Entity - e.g. Donald Trump (text)
  4. Count - e.g. 2 (number)

If I store the results in a new thing where each field is a list of things of type Entity Extraction From Text then I get the exact same problem you are seeing. The thing is created as a new row in the bubble database but each of the fields where I was storing the returned data are empty.

HOWEVER, if I store the results as list of Text (for “Type” and “Entity”) or Number (for “Count” and “ID”) then the results are stored in the database as list entries just as you would expected.
I use the “set list” command.

Not sure why this happens but I have tested this with two different text analysis API calls and get the same results…
Hope this helps.