Saving a list of users to a list of text in a separate thing for download

Hi Bubblies

I was wondering if anyone help me please? :pray: Iv tried looking on the forum, but this community is massive now, and it hard to find different bits of information on here.

I have one thing called Users, and in that thing there are about 20 records.
User thing
Position (Nested to list of Position )

Now what I want to do is save that list of users to separate Thing called CSV and save it as a list of TEXT like this below so I can download it using the CVS action. example below.

CVS - list of users
1 [Name,Phone,Position]
2 [Name,Phone,Position]
3 [Name,Phone,Position]
4 [Name,Phone,Position]

I just can’t seem to save it as a list of Text all I can save it as is like this below.

CVS - list of users
Name,Name,Name,Name Phone, Phone ,Phone, Phone,Position,Position ,Position,Position

Thanks in advance

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