Saving A Text View With Inputed Data

Thank you in advanced for your input :slight_smile:

Please see diagram for details. Generally, I’m trying to save a text field (from a different data view) with inputs to a seperate data view.

Best - Scott

Hey there, @scott12… I see you really took that “picture is worth a lot of words and stuff” thing from our last post to heart, eh? :slight_smile:

How are you trying to save that field when a new task is created? Are you trying to save it from an input on the screen? Or are you trying to pull it from a saved value in the db? If it’s the former, is the field that is displaying “We” in your screenshot a text field? If so, you probably need to make it an input field (which I’m thinking you will want to mark as disabled, if I understand your interface correctly) in order to save it along with a task.

I’m not sure if any of that makes sense, but if we need to dig a bit deeper, a screenshot or two of the task creation workflow definitely wouldn’t hurt.


Hi Mike,

  1. I’m trying to add the “We” text when I’m saving the “Message”.
  2. The “We” text is being displayed in a Text View
  3. I want the “We” to be saved in the same data record as the “Message”
  4. Its probably not important but the “We” will be in two data views (I know not the best way to save data)

Thanks for your note - but I’m not quite following it. I hope this helps!

Best - Scott

Apologies for the confusion, Scott… I think I misunderstood your initial post.

Using the example in your screenshot, what is the message supposed to be? Is it literally the word “We” followed by the contents of the message field?

Yes - It’s displaying how I want it. But it’s saving the “We” as a Yes in the Data Base (lol - before it was saving blank)

Well, in the system’s defense, Group From's Display From is Group From's Display From does evaluate to yes. :slight_smile:

Okay, so you just want the word “We” to be saved to the From field on that task, right? If that’s the case, I am back to what I said before. Instead of the field on the screen that is displaying “We” being a text field, make that field a disabled input field, and make it’s initial content the same as whatever the text field currently is. Then, in the workflow step in your screenshot, you should just be able to say From = Group From Display's From.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your quick responses today!!! I will be honest it still took me 20 minutes to figure it out. LOL

Thanks again - Scott

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