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Saving and editing a page

I have created a job board and want to give users (recruiters) the ability to save and edit job posts.

Currently I have the recruiters posting the jobs on a page called job posts. And the data being viewable on a page called view jobs. 3 part question:

  1. How can I accomplish allowing the recruiters to set their job post as needed.
    2 . How can J allow job seekers to view the page but not able to see the “edit button”.
  2. I have a page for a list of jobs by creation date with a button called View Details. How can I set the user up to too the job post in more detail. In the list it shows the job title, job location and employment type. The view button allows the user to see the full job description. What are the settings behind the view more button?

in order to give different access to your app’s elements you can create a field in the user table called “accessrights” or “usercategory” and assign different values to these fields during the user sign up depending whether it’s a recruiter or job seeker. And then for example for the “edit button”'s conditional formatting you can say, when current user’s usercategory is “recruiter” this element is visible etc…
not sure I understood your other questions, so I’ll pass on those


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Thank you for your reply!

Second part question… when the recruiter clicks on the “edit button” how can the fields be “unlocked” so that they can make their changes and save.

I’m clear on making changes/updates via workflow, but not sure how to unlock the fields using the “edit button” prior to that step.